Meet Kelly Daoud, The Travel Guru

Stress-free travel. Getting there in style. 24/7 personal service. Painstaking attention to detail.

maurerIMPOSSIBLE? Not anymore.

Kelly Daoud, “The Travel Guru,” provides travel services to an exclusive clientele of high-maintenance corporate road warriors and their administrative staff. Kelly’s clients are demanding – they want to devote their full attention to business, knowing their travel arrangements are in expert hands. Kelly delivers.

Kelly’s many loyal clients wouldn’t consider traveling any other way.

Kelly has served everyone from well-known Hollywood celebrities to Fortune 500 corporations (including HP, IBM, Citibank, Sun Microsystems, Goldman Sachs and 3Com) to small, independent companies. He sold more than $7 million of travel services in 2012.

Journey 19

Journey 19

Kelly is the quintessential travel consultant because he is such an experienced traveler himself. Kelly has traveled 1.7 million miles – the equivalent of circling the globe 68 times! He has traveled to more than 150 cities in 61 countries. Kelly’s next globe-trotting adventure is set for August 2013, when he will travel to seven countries in seven weeks. His intinerary will take him from Santa Monica → Las Vegas → London → Dubai, UAE → Petra, Jordan → Milan and Rome, Italy → Dubrovnik, Croatia → Barcelona → Shanghai → New York. The 47-day journey of a lifetime will add one new country and another 35,000 miles to Kelly’s travel log.

Young World Traveler

When Kelly was a boy in Chicago, his father worked in the airline industry. Kelly’s dad was an airline mechanic for more than 50 years, staying in the same job for decades as the ownership changed hands from Ozark Airlines to TWA to American Airlines. By the way, Kelly’s dad is still alive at age 93!

As an airline employee, Kelly’s dad was able to treat the family to frequent travel at reduced prices. The Daouds often flew to California, Florida and other vacation destinations, and the family also would fly to Jordan in the Middle East once or twice a year to visit relatives there. Kelly became an experienced international traveler long before his first shave.

When Kelly was just 3, his father gave him a log book and taught him to chronicle his travels. On each flight, Kelly would ask the pilot to fill in and sign the book. Kelly still treasures those travel logs from his childhood. The “Gallery” section of this website is the modern-day version of those travel logs.

As a teenager, Kelly began traveling solo, using his father’s travel vouchers to go wherever his wanderlust took him, including international destinations. By the time he began working in the travel industry, Kelly had far more travel experience than most people gain in a lifetime.

Travel is still Kelly’s first love today. He enjoys being a passenger on “inaugural fights,” including the first commercial A380 flight on Singapore Airlines from Singapore to Sydney in 2007. Kelly is looking forward to being a passenger on British Airways’ inaugural Airbus 380 flight from London Heathrow to Los Angeles on Oct. 15, 2013.

“Travel is still Kelly’s first love today”

From Mega Agencies to Travel Guru

Naturally, when it was time for Kelly to pick a career, there was just one choice: travel.

Journey 15

Journey 15

For his first six years in the industry, Kelly worked for two mega travel agencies. His first travel job was as an “after hours emergency agent” for BTI Americas. Kelly answered middle-of-the-night calls from travelers in distress. To this day, Kelly proudly describes himself as a 24/7 travel consultant, always on call to respond to any emergency his clients encounter.

Kelly was soon promoted to supervisor of one of BTI’s San Francisco offices. From there, he was lured to Rosenbluth International, another mega agency, which has since been acquired by American Express. Kelly was a “mobile agent” back in the days when “mobile” did not mean “telephone.” He traveled around the country helping wherever 
Rosenbluth International needed him, before eventually settling down to Rosenbluth’s executive desk in San Francisco.

Kelly honed his travel industry skills with the mega agencies for six years before launching out on his own. It was a big leap of faith. However, at the mega agencies, Kelly had developed a reputation among many clients as the go-to guy, so when he established his own agency, some of those clients sought him out. He has enjoyed phenomenal success ever since.

Kelly launched The Travel Guru in 2001 in San Francisco. He fell in love with Palm Springs after several vacations to the desert oasis, and Kelly moved The Travel Guru there in 2002.

Count on Kelly

Kelly is the one to count on for complicated corporate travel arrangements to international destinations and for booking high-end hotels around the world. Wherever you are going, the chances are Kelly has been there. His contacts throughout the hotel industry worldwide make him the ultimate insider for getting you the best rooms at the best hotels.

Where will your business take you today? Experience the professionalism, expertise and devotion to every detail that you deserve. Journey in style.