Kelly Daoud, The Travel Guru, has built his world-renown reputation in the travel industry by catering to two special kinds of travel customers: corporate business travelers and high-end leisure travelers.

International Corporate Travel

Kelly is the international business traveler’s best friend and personal concierge.

Kelly knows that corporate travelers expect flawless travel planning and immediate solutions when problems arise. Missing a flight or botching a hotel reservation can have devastating consequences on a project deadline or business opportunity. Kelly won’t let that happen to you.

Business executives (and the administrators who assist them) want to focus on their work and put their complicated travel arrangements in the hands of someone they can trust to deliver stress-free travel. That someone is Kelly Daoud.

Kelly has been catering to demanding corporate clients for years. Kelly’s exclusive roster of corporate clientele have included many Fortune 500 companies, such as HP, IBM, Citibank, Sun Microsystems, Goldman Sachs and 3Com.

Kelly’s clients know that he is available literally 24/7 to respond to any travel emergency. For example, when a flight is cancelled, while other passengers wait in long lines to rebook their flights, Kelly’s clients just call him, day or night, and he gets them rebooked immediately.

How does Kelly provide consistently stress-free, detail-perfect travel planning to his corporate clientele? Kelly says it is all about mastering three kinds of information:

  • The travel industry. The travel industry is constantly changing, but Kelly makes sure his clients are never blind-sided. When a change occurs at an airline or with a loyalty program, Kelly is the first to know about it and to make sure his clients are not adversely affected.
  • Travel destinations worldwide. The extent of Kelly’s personal travel is staggering: 1.7 million miles of travel in 61 countries. Wherever you are and wherever you are going, Kelly has probably been there. Kelly knows first-hand which airlines and which hotels are the best choices for your itinerary. Kelly has connections all over the world to draw upon to help smooth the details of your travel plans.
  • Clients’ policies and preferences. Kelly knows what questions to ask to quickly become the expert on your company’s corporate travel guidelines, as well as your own personal travel preferences. Some clients brag that Kelly knows their company policies far better than they do.

When it comes to corporate travel, Kelly is the one to count on.

Luxurious High-End Leisure Travel

You have worked very hard for everything you have. When that rare opportunity comes to get away for some private personal time at a special place, you sure don’t want anything to go wrong. Every detail must be just right.

The Travel Guru makes your leisure travel dreams come true. From Hollywood celebrities to ordinary people seeking an extraordinary getaway, Kelly is the one to turn to. Kelly will get you there in style. He will pamper you with painstaking attention to every detail and spoil you with his renowned 24/7 personal service.

Do you have a luxury destination in mind? Wherever you are going, the chances are Kelly has already been there. Kelly’s contacts in the hotel industry make him the ultimate insider for getting you the best rooms at the best prices at the best hotels.

Ready for a Journey of a Lifetime?

Every now and then for the last few years, Kelly has set aside a few weeks to go on what he calls a “journey of a lifetime.” A Journey of a Lifetime is a multi-week travel adventure through many countries and continents, logging tens of thousands of travel miles visiting some of the world’s most exotic locations. Taking such journeys is what has made Kelly the knowledgeable world traveler and unequalled travel consultant that he is today.

Now, Kelly is making Journeys of a Lifetime available to his high-end clients. Kelly will brainstorm with you, drawing upon his knowledge of the world and his endless travel connections, to put together an exquisite travel adventure that will create memories you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Visit the world’s most idyllic destinations. Enjoy the world’s most glamorous hotels. See the world in a way that is only possible when a seasoned world traveler points the way.

Ask Kelly to design your Journey of a Lifetime.

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What my clients have to say

I do a lot of international travel, including frequent trips to Asia. I started working with Kelly Daoud about five years ago. Over the years I have become very dependent upon Kelly. When it comes to international business travel, Kelly is definitely the expert.

My goal is to keep as much of my time as possible focused on the things I do best. That’s what I want my staff to do, too. Managing international travel is complicated. It just wouldn’t make sense for me or my employees to spend valuable time booking my travel when I can turn to Kelly. He’s the expert. Kelly gets it done better and faster than we ever would.

If you are a business traveler, I enthusiastically recommend Kelly. When you’re on the other side of the world, you don’t want to run into any travel nightmares. With Kelly taking care of things, that’s not going to happen.

Andrew L. BermanManaging Director, Innoventure Partners

Kelly has been handling all of my travel planning for more than 12 years, and I would never consider turning to anyone else. I love Kelly. He is the true “Travel Guru.”

My job requires me to be traveling almost all the time. I fly domestically every week and to Europe and other international destinations at least once a month. I don’t know how I would keep my sanity if I didn’t have Kelly to rely on to take care of all of my travel arrangements.

I’m always in a hurry. It is very important to me for my travel to come off smoothly and without complications. Kelly delivers that flawlessly. Kelly knows all my travel preferences and always gets it exactly right.

After all these years, Kelly is more than just my travel agent. Kelly is a close friend, and I would be lost without him.

Denise MoralesEVP Global Sales, Beats Electronics

I have been an administrative assistant or executive assistant for over 30 years, and for most of those years a big part of my job has been arranging travel for executives. I have worked with a multitude of travel agents, many of them exceptional.  Kelly Daoud is by far the best I have come across, and he is the only travel agent I have dealt with in years.

Kelly is skilled at the nuts and bolts of business travel – he can whip out a complicated international itinerary in a flash, and he knows our corporate travel policy better than I do – but where he really excels is in his level of caring about his clients and his attention to the tiny details that will enhance their trips.  His level of knowledge about international destinations is unparalleled, and I love knowing that I can save myself hours of research and just accept his recommendations for hotels, car services, and any other requirements.

Not only does Kelly have exemplary business skills, but he is a joy to work with.  He remains calm and comes through in every crisis, keeping me from tearing my hair out.  My job is so much easier knowing that my travelers or I can call Kelly any time, day or night, and he will be there to save the day!

Carol CulwellExecutive Assistant, Dynavax Technologies