2013 Travel Week Road Trip

In August 2013, Kelly Daoud will embark on his fourth “Journey of a Lifetime.” He will travel to eight countries in seven weeks, adding another 45,000 miles to his travel log.

Kelly’s 52-day itinerary will take him from Santa Monica to Las Vegas to London; and then on to Dubai, UAE; Petra, Jordan; Milan and Rome in Italy; Dubrovnik, Croatia; Barcelona; Shanghai; New York; Moscow, and back to California.

“I love to travel,” Kelly said, in case we couldn’t guess. “Travel is in my blood. I am definitely my happiest when I am exploring some mountain or trail or ancients ruins or beautiful beach I have never seen before.”

Travel is in my blood. I am definitely my happiest when I am exploring some mountain or trail…

Kelly is the ultimate travel advisor because he has personally visited almost every travel destination a client could possibly consider. He has logged 1.7 million miles to more than 150 cities in 61 countries. Kelly’s August journey will add one more country — Croatia — to the list.

In case your geography is a little rusty, Croatia is a narrow seaside country between Austria to the north and Greece to the south. It is on the opposite bank of the Adriatic Sea from Italy. Kelly said he especially looks forward to Dubrovnik, a Croatian seaport tourist destination.

From Croatia, Kelly will fly west over Italy and the Mediterranean to Spain, touching down in beautiful Barcelona, where he will also be a first-time visitor.


Second stop on Kelly’s upcoming August journey is Las Vegas, where he will attend 2013 Virtuoso Travel Week. Kelly is a member of Virtuoso, an ultra-exclusive network of the world’s finest travel advisors. Only 1 percent of all travel agencies are ever invited to join.

Virtuoso agents from around the world gather each year in Las Vegas for Travel Week. A big part of being the best in the travel industry is connections — knowing the right people all around the world to help work out every detail of a client’s travel plans. Through the Virtuoso network, Kelly is connected with all of the world’s top travel suppliers, luxury hotels and tour operators.

Each year the Virtuosos gather to compare notes. What are this year’s most popular destinations? What is hot and what is not? What is new and what has changed? Which are the absolutely best hotels, must-see landmarks and don’t-miss tours?

By attending Travel Week and following up with his own Journey of a Lifetime, Kelly remains one of the most well-informed and well-connected consultants any traveler could turn to.

First to Fly the BA A380


When his upscale clients began hearing about Kelly’s remarkable journeys, they asked him to design similar adventures for them. For people who can afford to travel in style and want to experience what is literally the Journey of a Lifetime, Kelly will handcraft a personalized unforgettable travel adventure.

A Journey of a Lifetime is a multi-week trek through numerous cities, countries and continents, visiting the world’s most exotic locations, including destinations you might never have thought of visiting without Kelly’s expert guidance. Visit the world’s most idyllic destinations. Enjoy the world’s most glamorous hotels.

Kelly will visit with you to learn your ultimate travel fantasies, your travel likes and dislikes, where you have been and where you have never even thought of going. See the world in a way that is only possible when a veteran world traveler points the way.

Ask Kelly to design your Journey of a Lifetime.